The name of our Company is Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd , we are the solution for sanitation which also includes plumbing and drainage systems, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy. We have moved away from the traditional waste management system which relies on septic tank pump-outs, traditional fossil fuel use for production of energy and traditional sanitation methods. We are engaged in the state of the art technology which enables the recycling of waste to produce renewable energy (Biogas) and recycled water.

We believe that the manual and motorized maintenance methods which remove sewage from septic tanks should be done away with because;

  • They are cumbersome.
  • They also enhance the spread of diseases through contamination of the ecosystem.
  • They are very expensive.

Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd has also specialized in;

  • Modern drainage methods which are computer designed and technologically installed to increase efficiency
  • Modern plumbing methods which are computer designed and technologically installed to increase efficiency
  • Decentralized waste water treatment methods which enable the recycling of waste water at almost 95% purity.
  • Bio-digester catalysts which effect bio-degradation of sewage and blockages thus evading the need for pump-outs.
  • Biogas plant technology per se without connections to biodigester chambers for the production of bio-gas.
  • Bio-digester bio-toilets which recycle water and produce bio-gas.
  • We are also adept at water treatment for household, institutional and municipal water supplies as well as swimming pools; to support this service we also engage in the supply of water treatment chemicals.

Our Vision statement

Vision statement for the Company: To work together with all sectors and stakeholders of the society raising awareness, encouraging Eco-sustainable action and advocating a better environment that accommodates the livelihood of current and future generations.

Our Mission statement

To effect the safe Eco-cleanup of the environmental legacies brought about by decades of uncontrolled negative processes of urbanization, industrialization and modernization in an Eco-sustainable customer friendly approach which also involves capacity building of our clientele through low cost training programs.

Core Values:

Our core values are the following;

  • Sustainable Development – “This is the ability of the current generation to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own”. Africa according to, Agenda 21, the Johannesburg Plan of Action and the Millennium Development Goals is committed to sustainable development. We at Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd are also committed to this ideology in furtherance of the endeavours of our Motherland.
  • Holistic Approach – The environment is shaped by geography and biophysical factors, the social, economic and by political actions and policies.  Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd takes a holistic approach to environmental management and recognizes that our actions must address all these factors.
  • Building Coalitions– Coalitions are vital for effective advocacy and campaigns, raising awareness on key issues and influencing policy.  Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd builds and strengthens coalitions to add impact to its work.  Only by working together can solutions be found for ecology, equity and economics.
  • People, are the key to Conservation – We are all integral to the environment in which we live.  The only way to effectively restore, protect, conserve and manage the environment is by working with people, building partnerships and mobilizing action; we will involve the society in all our undertakings.  Ethical values and a sense of spirit are essential for sustainability.
  • Passion for Progress – The sheer scale and complexity of global poverty and environmental challenges can leave people feeling depressed and hopeless.  Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd staffs are energized by the challenges and have a passion to strive for progress.  If a challenge seems overwhelming, we start by taking small achievable steps.
  • The African Way – African culture is dynamic and organic and has much potential to help conservation and tackle poverty.  For example, there are many traditional rules designed to protect and enhance watersheds and forests and these can be used to help bring back balance to natural and social systems, combining traditional approaches with new ways of thinking and working. We will strive to apply African renaissance (African Re-awakening) in order to get solutions to Environmental problems which need such an a approach.
  • Crossing Borders– Ecosystems do not sit neatly within single countries and many borders have been drawn along major natural features, such as Rivers, thus dividing ecological zones.  The environment is shared by everyone in the region, and thus, Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd works in a transboundary manner to safeguard natural resources.