Domestic Households

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  • Shania Villas – which are Sustainable Dream Homes in Kenya are well serviced by biodigester Wastewater treatment system which recycles waste water for other uses such as landscaping, general maintenance and non potable uses. This waste water is recycled through a system of filtration and oxidation to ensure that it is highly treated even above recommended standards.

Food Industries

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  • Using the biogas from animal by‐products (ABP) Digestion, the KMC slaughter facility can cover its heat demand and electricity requirements. The combined slaughterhouse/biogas plant can process all animal by‐products which may not be further utilized such as blood, hind gut, stomach content and fat scrubber content. Electricity produced from biogas can be fed into the national power grid and the heat delivered to the slaughtering facility.

Government, private and N.G.O Institutions;

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