The diagram below illustrates a school biodigester which is an example of an institutional biodigester which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and Install;


What is involved in the design of an institutional biodigester?

  • The Institutional anaerobic digester project may involve the design and construction of a fixed dome digester or any of the other types of biodigesters.
  • The digester biologically treats dairy manure and other organic waste generated on the institution to produce a stable effluent with improved physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.
  • In the system, biogas (about 60% methane) is produced, captured, and combusted to generate heat and power.

What are the advantages of an institutional biodigester?

  • Anaerobic digestion in an institutional biodigester can minimize odor, generate biogas, and allow more effective nutrient use by crops. To realize the potential energy, environmental, and cost saving benefits of anaerobic digestion, farmers need information to evaluate the energy, labor, land, and equipment costs.
  • Although the initial cost of a biodigester can be quite high, the investment usually pays off after only two years. And with a lifetime of up to two decades, a digester can help families save a lot of money.
  • The inexpensive lighting and electricity vastly improves people’s lives, and offers them opportunities to generate extra income from activities other than farming.
  • The byproduct of the biomass digestion process, known as bio-slurry, can be easily collected and used as organic fertilizer. Farmers using bio-slurry harvest up to 30% more rice and improve soil conditions too.
  • Not only do biodigesters solve the energy supply problem, they improve village hygiene by providing a disposal outlet for human and animal waste and by eliminating harmful household smoke emissions.
  • Furthermore, such a programme can earn revenue from the sale of tradable CO2 emission reduction credits.

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