Kenya’s slum and majority of rural population defecates in the open and this can aptly be called the “big open toilet of Kenya”. Few toilets in the urban slum and rural areas are connected to the sewerage system; sewage from the rest flows in open drains, causing contamination of ground as well as river water, as per 2009 Census. This has serious health implications and is consequently a big economic burden. The picture below illustrates a Domestic Bio-toilet;


Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can enable you to enjoy the Bio-Digester Toilet System services.

Bio-Digester Toilet System, based on catalytic biodegradation of organic waste was conceived and initially developed for defense forces deployed at high altitudes areas. In this system, fecal matter is decomposed to bits and converted into water and little of carbon dioxide & methane gas. It is totally maintenance-free system and does not require any sewerage system.

Maintenance of bio toilet;

The components of bio toilet are; toilet seat; the drain pipe from the toilet connected to the bio-digester, the bio-digester itself, the catalysts and the outlets of gas and liquid effluent. All of them should be maintained and should be in working condition.

  • After using the toilet the man should pour 1 liter (4 Mugs) of water.
  • Bio- toilet can be used conveniently by 50-60 persons every day.
  • Keep the toilet clean.
Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd advises clients to check the proper functioning of bio-digester;

Close the outlet valve for 24 hours, open it then, take the burning match stick close to the out let valve, the gas will burn and this indicates that the bio digester is Functioning well.
Don’ts; Do not throw Kerosene, Soap, Plastics, Bottle, Tin Cans, and antiseptics inside the toilet Seat AND Do not let the gas out let valve close.

Benefits of Residential Bio-Digester Toilets

  •  Compact in size
  • Quick installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • No residual solids waste
  • No Pathogens
  • No foul smell
  • Only water discharge
  • No need for big Sewage treatment plants
  • Mitigates pollution of underground and river water

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