It takes care of itself without constant monitoring and mechanical repairs, just like a natural ecosystem, giving you the chance to spend more time on the important areas in your life. Thus besides been environmentally Eco-sustainable, it is also cheap to maintain unlike all the other waste treatment systems.

What is Aerobic wastewater treatment system?

Black Water comes from the toilet and kitchen sink waste while Grey water comes from the laundry, bathroom and shower waste. Indeed the naming of these two processes is much related to the colours the two possess while they pass through the sewage system.

For treating black or grey sewage/industrial effluent for their organic impurities generally aerobic biological treatment is used. The major process used worldwide is activated sludge process. It is an aerobic biological process that utilizes microorganisms such as bacteria, and protozoa for the decomposition of organic matter. This process has been named so since it involves the production of an activated mass of microorganisms which effectively stabilize the organic content of wastes in presence of oxygen from an airblower and convert them to carbon dioxide and water which are safe to be disposed off in the environment. This is effectively achieved by a series of metabolic reactions carried out by the microorganisms. In this process there is no production of biogas.

It is a simple process, using power free natural aerating processes, instead of mechanical pumps etc, to treat wastewater to advanced secondary levels hence enabling recycling of relatively very clean water. The chain of life-forms capable of digesting solid matter from human and food wastes is a biological process which offers by far the best means of treatment, for the solid waste, without using mechanical or electronic means.

It has been shown, through extensive trialing worldwide, these biological processes which reduce the solids by up to 95%, are unmatched by any other process. There are no mechanically moving parts in these processes and nature’s power is free.

The following sections explain the various categories of Black and Grey Waste Water Treatment System which we implement and maintain;