The schematic diagram below illustrates the water treat system tanks connection in an Institutional black and grey waste water treatment system;


In the Institutional black and grey wastewater treatment system, the connections show three tanks with their piping system. These tank connections are illustrated by the picture overleaf;


This kind of a connection allow for the following processes which are illustrated by the diagram below;


These processes are the following;

1) Black Water Treatment

Treatment of the black water commences in a purpose designed unit known as the BIORATOR (Primary Tank) as indicated in the flow diagram of the tanks, which is an enclosed Eco-System simulating the forest floor, where the solids are separated from the liquid and treated through biological processes and other natural processes and filter media’s, which do not require any power source.

In the Natural way for eco-balance and harmony BIORATOR chamber, the Black Water is directed onto a bed of bark medium which is designed to filter out the liquid and retain maximum solids. These residual solids are seeded with specialized Worms which then break them down and convert them into valuable water soluble nutrients.

The liquid wastewater and nutrients then trickle flow through various levels of natural filtration medias, which further purify and treat them, to high levels of clarity, until it is ready to be introduced into the soil vie a Disposal Field.

2) Grey Water Treatment

Treatment of the large volume grey water, as separated from the black water, is greatly simplified, and is accomplished through a series of natural settling and filtering processes that successively reduce scum and solids to a point where they are insignificant as illustrated in C,G,H, and G filter media in the previous diagrams.

Given that grey water has low solids but will carry soap scum that, if retained for too long, will begin to putrefy (become oxygen depleted and allow anaerobic bacteria to proliferate), retention time is important. It has become more and more apparent through field testing and trials, by many authorities, that the sooner this water is returned to the environment the less hazardous it is.

3) Final Disposal

After treatment the black water is recombined with the grey water for final disposal into the soil.

The treated effluent is dose loaded from the natural way for eco-balance and harmony, via a gravity or pump discharge system, into whatever Land Application System best suits your site or needs whether it be drip-lines, ETS beds, mounds, conventional trenches etc.

The size and extent of the disposal system is determined by the receiving environment and the expected flow volumes. Factors such as soil types, slope and the proximity of potentially sensitive environments such as creeks and waterways, determine the extent, location and type of disposal system chosen

What are the advantages of the Black and Grey water treatment system?
  • Power Free Treatment;
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Quiet Bio-System
  • Environmental Care
  • Versatile
  • Robust & Rugged
  • Good for Standard Toilet Systems
  • Great for Difficult Sites
  • Saves Your Water
  • Performance Guarantee
Who are the Target Beneficiaries?
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings; Golf clubs, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Boarding schools
  • Institutions of higher learning
  • Health care facilities