Keeping in mind the increasing demands of Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited customers, we are here with an optimum quality Portable Biogas Plant. Our plant is used for both institutional and domestic bio-gas production. This plant is manufactured by our highly skilled professionals making use of advanced techniques and best quality components. Moreover, our plant can be availed to our esteemed clients at affordable prices.

Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited has a lot of new technologies available to produce biogas from animal and domestic kitchen waste. Most of our portable biogas digesters are floating dome or fixed dome type biogas digesters. The picture below illustrates one of the metallic and fiberglass reinforced varieties in that order.


This light weight Portable Bio Gas Plant consists of Fermenter Tank of around 1170 litres and on the top is a reversed tank (Floating dome) called Gas Holder of 800 litres. However we can also have tailor made varieties depending on clients’ needs. Both tanks can be made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic material or steel sheet metal tanks. We also supply special gas stoves which are used for this plant. Aggregate weight varies between 60-100 kg.

This Portable Bio Gas Plant is most helpful method for indoor cooking but the tanks have to be kept somewhere outside the residential building with a connection to the special biogas stove.


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