Schools, colleges and Universities

This is illustrated by the picture of a similar target below;


This biogas technology system of Egerton university utilizes animal waste for the ptroduction of biogas.

Grassroot community households;

Besides the standard biogas technology sizes in the grassroot communities, we are capable of constructing portable biogas technologies which can utilize small amounts of waste. This is illustrated by the picture below;


The wastes thrown out in houses and the premises including the droppings of birds and dung of animals could be treated in a scientific manner, and the houses and the surroundings are kept clean and tidy thereby the health and hygienic life of people could be maintained. By making use of the biogas produced from the plant as cooking fuel, the use of other fuels for cooking, purposes can be reduced and thereby gain financial benefit.

Government, Private sector and N.G.O institutions;

This Target group is illustrated by the pictures below;


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