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Water filtration media supply

 The diagram below shows a water filtration plant in Kenya with some of the commensurate water filter media which Express Drainage Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya supplies;

  Why do we use Water filtration media?

 The following are the reasons why we do that;

  • In order to capitalize on the health benefits of water, it is essential to draw from a clean source of water.
  • Drinking impure, contaminated water is the leading cause of epidemic disease in developing countries.
  • There are more than 2100 known drinking water contaminants that may be present in tap water, including several known poisons.
  • Bottled water does not offer a viable alternative to tap water.
  • Municipal water treatment facilities cannot always control for the outbreak of dangerous bacterial contaminants in tap water.
  • The only way to ensure pure, contaminant-free drinking water is through the use of a point-of-use filtration system.
  • Several types of cancer can be attributed to the presence of toxic materials in drinking water.
  • Clean, healthy drinking water is essential to a child’s proper mental and physical development.
  • Lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children due to mental retardation.
  • It is especially important for pregnant women to drink pure water as Lead in drinking water can cause severe birth defects.

  What types of water filter Medias do we deal with?

Express Drainage Solutions, Nairobi Kenya is a leading stocking distributor of water filter media for industrial and commercial water filtration systems, including water filtration media such as filter sand and gravel, anthracite filter media, greensand water filter media, and garnet filter media.

These are the various types of water filtration media stocked by Express Drainage Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Anthracite Filter Coal- Commonly used as sub-fill and as a component of multi-media filters, anthracite is a durable media with long life and a wide temperature range. It contains no silica to interfere in the production of ultra pure water.
  • Filter Sand and Gravel may also be called Torpedo Sand - Coarse Sand - Support Gravel - Filter Gravel - Pea Gravel – The filter sand and gravel we stock and distribute is 99% silica and mined in Kenya. The sub-angular shape of silica sand enhances the mechanical filtration properties of multi-media filters. It is a dense media at 100 pounds per cubic foot and acts as perfect sub-fill for non-silica sensitive applications such as water softeners and dealkalinizers.
  • Garnet- At 126 pounds per cubic foot garnet is typically used in multi-media filters as the sub-fill or bottom layers of the filter. Although its density requires high backwash rates combining fine mesh garnet with other media such as sand and anthracite significantly increases the filtration capacity of a system.
  • Filter Lite is a low-density media typically used in multi-media filters to enhance the capacity of the filter to remove smaller micron particles. At 24 pounds per cubic foot it sits as the top layer in a multi-media filter.
  • MnO2 is a granular manganese dioxide media used primarily in potable water residential applications for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. Chlorine is often used during regeneration cycle to ensure full capacity.
  • Manganese Greensand is a dense media at 85 pounds per cubic foot. In addition to its filtration properties is can remove soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from well water supplies. 
  • Greensand Plus: The second generation of greensand, this media is more rugged than the original but has identical operating characteristics. GreensandPlus is a purple-charcoal filter media used for removing soluble iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic and radium from well water supplies.
  • Redox alloy is used for the efficient removal of chlorine and mercury remediation. It is universally applied from the smallest of water filters to large municipal and industrial equipment. It can also remove iron, hydrogen sulfide and chloramines.
  • Neutralizing Media - Calcium Carbonate is commonly used to raise pH in residential well water supplies. To enhance the neutralization process the addition of magnesium oxide may be required.

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