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Solar water heater

supply, installation and maintenance of Solar water heater


Most Central Governments and local governments in tropical countries are advocating for the building of rental houses which utilize solar energy for heating water because of the rising costs of Hydroelectric power and the rising population statistics which are putting pressure on the National electricity grids. This is besides the benefits of reducing the effects of global warming and climate change. If you are in the construction industry and require such a service call Express Drainage Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya.

How does a Solar water heater work?

Basically, cool tap water is sent through a system of pipes which are heated naturally by the sun. The heated pipes transfer their energy to the water as it runs through the pipes and the water is sent back into the house’s boiler. Sometimes, in passive solutions, the solar hot water is sent directly to the taps. 

The advantages of solar water heaters?

  • These systems use solar energy which is a free and renewable source of energy (free because nobody owns the Sun and renewable because solar energy cannot be depleted like this is the case with fossil fuels for as long as our Sun keeps on shining.
  • These systems use solar energy which help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, improving our energy security and energy independence in the process by reducing the need for expensive foreign fuel import.
  • In sunny and warm places with high insolation values solar water heating systems are very cost effective.
  • Many countries around the world offer favorable incentives for the installation of solar water heating systems.
  • Relatively good payback period, in average between 5-10 years - These systems have low maintenance costs.
  • You can build your own solar water heating systems (you can find the charts on how to build them on web).
  • Some countries even offer the option of leasing solar water heating systems which can significantly decrease initial costs.

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