The picture below illustrates the general overview of the drainage system of a building which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd design, supply and install;

drainage general overview

Here at Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd , we specialize in protecting homes and buildings from water intrusion due to rain water, lawn irrigation, or soil erosion. We offer a wide array of exterior drainage systems to design the best drainage solution unique to your home or property in Kenya and surrounding areas.

Drainage systems are necessary when water does not properly drain away from your property. Water retention can do serious damage to the base structure of your home. In severe cases, a heavy rain can cause your house to flood inside.

Drainage problems cause damage underneath the home in the crawl space or basement, doing damage to the concrete footing and basement walls. They are difficult to stop because the sources of these problems are sometimes difficult to find. We’ve inspected hundreds of homes where the homeowners have made an effort and some of the attempts have seemed to us to be temporarily effective. But because most of these efforts are 45“patchwork” efforts, the drainage systems don’t hold up past one or two rain cycles. Designing and installing permanent and effective drainage systems for the last 10 years, Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can keep any home dry using exclusive patented products. There is no wet crawl space or wet basement drainage problem we can’t solve!

We customer tailor our drainage systems to the unique drainage problem at your home, institution or Industry.Our other drainage system components may include: pop-up drains, channel drains, round grates, catch basins,atrium grates, pipe drains, french drains, square grates and lawn scape outlets.

We use award-winning, patented products to design and install drainage systems specially engineered for your crawl space or basement, and we are one of the very few in Kenya and the Great Lakes Region who do so! Ask about our Warranties and Guarantees! Our specialty in designing and installing drainage systems keeps water at bay permanently and effectively, putting water where it belongs!

Our drainage systems