Simple industrial drainage system

The pictures below illustrate a general overview of simple industrial drainage system which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design,  supply and install;

Industrial drainage system.jpg-2

Industrial drainage system

Through its distinguished brands, Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd has harnessed one of its competitive strengths and offers a full line of trench drain systems to meet customer needs of all types. Well versed in delivering the utility industry with reliable solutions for unpredictable, damaging environments, Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd brings that same level of expertise to the civil construction and transportation industries with a superior drain system as discussed in the next topic. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd is the established leader in providing industrial drainage systems. Each drainage system is designed to provide maximum reliability, longevity, and durability while preventing hygienic issues that can put your facility at risk. More than 10 years of drainage experience makes Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited the world-class supplier of drainage systems.

Complicated infrastructural industrial drainage systems

The pictures below illustrate the types of complicated infrastructural industrial drainage systems Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and construct;

Government/bilateral projects; City streets, Parking Lots, Highways, Parks, Bus and Train Stations

This picture illustrates an industrial highway drainage system which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and install.

Industrial drainage-highway.jpg-2

Commercial areas;

Warehouses, Fuel filling stations, Industrial companies, Airports

These are pictures of Industrial airport drainage and industrial fuel filling station drainage which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and install

Industrial airport drainage

Industrial fuel station drainage

Sports facilities; Stadiums, Ice complexes, Golf fields, Tennis courts, Skiing complexes

The following are pictures of industrial stadiums drainage and industrial golf course drainage systems which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and install;

Industrial stadium drainage system

industrial golfcourse drainage system

The important role at arrangement of airports, stadiums parks, squares, house territories, highways, roads and foot paths is played by drainage systems. A problem which the modern system of drainage urged to solve, is not only fall of level of ground waters, but also tap rain and thawed snow from a site. By means of system of surface drainage, protection of territory against surplus of moisture is reached.

The qualitative drainage system increases for several times operation term of road coverings, bases of buildings. Territories, on which systems of drainage are equipped, are protected from a congestion rain and thawed snow which not only complicates movement on a site, but also are threat for destroying of the base and ground floors.

It is necessary to provide a surface drainage at an object design stage as installation of drainage systems concerns prime actions for arrangement of territories..

Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd has worked in the market of drainage systems for the Last 10 years. For this time the company reputation has affirmed as of the diligent partner in the design, supply and construction of drainage systems. Own design office constantly works over perfection of materials used and “know-how”. Any drainage system made by our company corresponds to requirements of the International quality standards.

We supply all kinds of accessories by which the modern system of surface drainage system should be equipped. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can offer you concrete, polymer concrete, plastic channel and trays from stainless steel, drain boxes, drainage gratings, sand traps and other equipment for the device of system of a drainage system.

The systems of a drainage realized by us are characterized by reliability and durability. Main principle of our activity is invariable quality of let out accessories for a surface drainage system at the optimum prices.

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