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Express Drainage Solutions

The name of our Company is EXPRESS DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS, NAIROBI, KENYA. We are the solution for sanitation, wastewater treatment, and renewable energy. We have moved away from the traditional waste management system which relies on septic tank pump-outs. We are engaged in the state of the art technology which enables the recycling of waste to produce renewable energy (Biogas) and recycled water.

We believe that the manual and motorized maintenance methods which remove sewage from septic tanks should be done away with because

  • They are cumbersome
  • They also enhance the spread of diseases through contamination of the ecosystem.
  • They are very expensive.

Express Drainage Solutions,Nairobi, Kenya has also specialized in;

  • Bio-digester catalysts which effect biodegradation of sewage and blockages thus evading the need for pump-outs.
  • Biogas plant technology per se without connections to biodigester tanks for the production of biogas.
  • Bio-digester bio-toilets which recycle water and produce biogas.
  • We are also adept at water treatment for household, institutional and municipal water supplies as well as swimming pools; to support this service we also engage in the supply of water treatment chemicals.


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