Why is plumbing so important?

Plumbing harnesses a precious resource —water —to use safely for health, hygiene and well-being. Plumbing makes possible the miracle of clean, convenient water —something often taken for granted.

  1. Plumbing manufacturing innovations to gain water efficiency have dramatically reduced the amount of water used through toilets, shower heads, faucets and other plumbing products.
  2. To assure customer satisfaction, some  products are certified to perform as well or better than standard models —all while saving at least 20 percent more water.
  3. The increased use of water-efficient plumbing is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the water sustainability solution. High-efficiency plumbing in commercial facilities can help save even more.
  4. Modern plumbing products help regions affected by droughts and water shortages to use water more efficiently.
  5. Water efficiency contributes greatly to energy savings. Less water used means less water heated and less water transported.
  6. Plumbing brings comfort and beauty into homes and lives. Kitchens and bathrooms not only serve functional purposes; they provide the refuge of comforting meals, soothing baths and restorative relaxation.
  7. The plumbing industry is a strong economic engine, providing jobs and livelihoods to millions of people around the world.
  8. The ability of plumbing and sanitation systems to deliver clean water and remove waste has protected populations from communicable disease throughout history. There is acknowledgement from many within the public health community that clean, drinkable water has likely protected more lives and extended life expectancy more than any medical advancement. Plumbing advancements continue to protect lives in developing nations.
  9. A future of water sustainability is an achievable prospect, as plumbing manufacturers work with allies in safe plumbing and water efficiency to find solutions.