The picture below illustrates a general overview of the plumbing works of a residential building which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd can design, supply and install:

plumbing-residential- overview

We are capable of designing any form of plumbing works for any building with a lot of precision. Our office and field staff work hard to make sure the flow of information between the construction team is seamless and every bit as important as the physical installation of the job. We are always looking for better ways and alternative materials, methods and systems to improve our value to our customers and employees.  When you team with Express Drainage Solutions Limited Kenya Ltd, you can rest assured that your project, no matter its size, type or level of complexity, will be completed to uniformly high standards of quality understood and followed by everyone throughout our company.

The flow diagram below illustrates the plumbing works in detail in a Residential building;

Right through from the foundation to the walls, kitchen, bathroom, toilets and other plumbing works accessories we are capable of delivering the best because we have not only the expertise but also the experience, innovation and motivation. We can handle any plumbing works within the required time and budget; we strive to make sure that we do not inconvenience our clients. We have a pool of plumbing technicians, Architects and Engineers to ensure that the plumbing works are carried out to perfection.

Some of the end products of our plumbing works shown in the previous diagram are illustrated below;

Residential Kitchen

Residential Bathtub

Residential Toilet for Disabled

Residential Shower room

Residential Toilet Designer Sink

Residential Oriental Bathtub

Why do you need our services?

For all your new projects and maintenance of existing facilities. Also, if you have just won a contract and need a subcontractor to execute it for you. And finally, to Express Drainage Solutions Kenya overseas based Kenyans that want to take charge of their projects at home. Now, you have the opportunity to employ us directly for all your projects… We have professionals in our team like engineers and architects. Best quality jobs are assured always. Our Services: Procurement and Installation of toilet, bath and kitchen wares . Procurement and installation of water treatment plants. Construction and installation of water systems. We do conduit, surface and service duct installations of all plumbing mechanical works. Try Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd for the best!

This is a picture of a single residential house which was one among Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Ltd end products of plumbing which we designed, supplied and installed.

Building a new home or renovating an old one? Express Drainage Solutions Kenya is much more than just plumbing repair. We can help you install new pipes and systems. Our plumbers and technicians are experienced and we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss an upfront cost for the project with you.

The picture below illustrates one of Express Drainage Solutions Kenya plumbing projects in a multi-storied building which we designed, supplied and installed.

For plumbing purposes, the term “multi-storey” is applied to buildings that are too tall to be supplied throughout by the normal pressure in the public water mains. These buildings have particular needs in the design of their sanitary drainage and venting systems. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya are capable of handling any plumbing works for multistoried building including skyscrapers’

The picture below illustrates a picture of a gated community in which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya designed, supplied and installed the plumbing system;

gated community building in kenya

Gated communities present several challenges when it comes to plumbing;

  • The households are many.
  • The water requirements are also very high.
  • The piping system is complex.

Express Drainage Solutions Kenya staff are renown in the field of plumbing gated communities. We deliver the end product within the specified period. Do not hold yourself back, just pick the phone and give us a call.

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