Project Description

The Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited design concept of Butterfly Properties Ltd ABR (Anaerobic Buffle Reactors) Project is similar to a septic tank, as an anaerobic environment is created without any mechanical mixing.

The factors, which governed Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited design of this ABR Project are; Water supply, population to be served, Space availability, Flood prone, Groundwater table, Terrain/Topography/Slope, Vehicular accessibility, Soil type, Roads/paths system, Anal cleansing method, Space requirement, Capital costs, System robustness, System up-gradability, Ease of construction, Ease of operation, Re-usability of products, Health implications, Treatment efficiency, Energy input.

Each of these factors determined whether the implementation of the project was applicable, not applicable or its applicable with cautionary measures. Our experiential learning process was also a big determinant of the outcome of the final decision.

The Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited tanks after construction should be checked and ensured that they are watertight in order to avoid any infiltration. Also the scum and sludge levels have to be checked regularly for smooth and efficient functioning. Desludging has to be carried out (annually or once in two years) depending on the rate of sludge formation, by using vacuum pumps. The tanks should not be emptied while desludging, as residual biomass is required for further treatment cycles. The flow to the system has to be maintained as per the design considerations to ensure the required level of treatments.