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Workshop Training

What kind of training do we conduct to customers?

This section describes our experiential performance, skills and knowledge in conducting training for our customers on Express Drainage solutions (Nairobi, Kenya) technologies, services, products and equipment. It also informs our clientele on how we assess the type of training suitable for the product, service, technology, equipment and customer, and on the delivering and monitoring of the training. Our training requires no licensing, legislative regulation, regulatory or certification for the Customers because it is a package which is free of charge and is suppossed to increase the understanding of the technologies, products, services and equipment such that the performance in the technology is enhanced in all the stakeholders.

Why train the customers on new technologies, services, products and equipment?

The learning and development industry has its hands full educating various levels of the workforce, but customers are often an employer’s largest audience; at Express Drainage Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya we are are adept at ensuring that we train our customers through our workforce.

We take different approaches to training customers or business partners; we trim the time or cost for launching products through customer training and reduce dependence on help desks and building brand awareness. Sometime we can even hire consultancy services for the training if need be! To engage customers, we build learning that plays out like a game. We also involve animation that visually unravels the intricacies of a system or process.

 We belief that focus on inexpensive learning interventions should not take precedence over concerns about quality, however we avoid two things that can lead to bad customer training. “First, we avoid looking at cutting costs to create a customer training course cheaply and easily. And secondly, we start with the most important training items and then build on it as demand increases from end users, distributors or product development,”.

The following are the types of Training we offer to our Service providers who inturn replicate the operational and maintenance aspects of the training to our target groups (Customers);

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