• At Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited we design, Supply and Install Drinking Water distribution systems. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited experience has proved that when considering Drinking water distribution, it is important to realize that there is no one piece of distribution system that manages all the people’s needs and demands.
  • The distribution system that is best for any particular commercial or domestic system depends on the population present, the size of the Consumer site/household, the ground layout and maintenance and operational requirements of the system among other considerations.
  • The diagram below illustrates one of our clients sample design plan of a water distribution system which we designed, supplied, installed and carryout maintenance services to date;


A look at the design plan in the previous diagram will elicit the following facts;

What is involved? Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited installing simple, small-scale networks to provide drinking and irrigation water to villages or small towns in rural areas far away from urban mains.

Who is primarily concerned? This technique is particularly adapted to rural areas or zones just outside urban areas where there is a high population density but that is far away from adequate water network infrastructures and where irrigation works may be necessary.

What does this process involve? How is it used?

  • The diagram below illustrates a sample of what the process involvesexpress-drainage-water-distribution-pump-to-pressure-tank
  • This technique consists of Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited building all the installations for water adduction, simplified treatment if necessary and distribution but on a small-scale in a village or mid-sized community, using simplified standards and infrastructures that make the set up easier to achieve and less costly. This all depends on the water distribution design plan
  • Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can use adduction or drilled well system
  • A pipe serving to transfer pumped water from its adduction site or well to a reservoir
  • A storage reservoir at a higher elevation to provide constant pressure in the system through its location and also to ensure availability of water permanently, in case of a temporary cut off in the original supply of water.express-drainage-water-distribution-storage-reservoir
  • The Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited distribution network is essentially a series of pipes that can total up to any length. The pipes used can be plastic (PVC or PET) or galvanized metal.
  • Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited installs standpipes in different neighborhoods in such a way that residents need not go more than 250m to access one.

The picture below illustrates a sample irrigation water distribution system which Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can design, supply and install;


  • Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can design several models of water irrigation systems. For example our designed Drip irrigation is a technique in which water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with emitters located at different spacing. The picture below illustrates a drip irrigation system which we have designed and installed;
  • We can repair and carry out maintenance work on any type or variety of drip irrigation as illustrated in the picture below;
    Laying out Irrigation parts3_1/16_Ouarkhokh
  • Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can connect decentralized water treatment facilities to farms to create an innovative Drip irrigation system. The picture below illustrates cabbages which are growing through the use of waste water from a decentralized water treatment facility (Refer to topic on waste water treatment section on this website);
    drip-irrigation-water-treatment facility-water
  • Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited Drip irrigation requires little water compared to other irrigation methods.

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