At Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited we design, Supply and Construct / Install Drinking water treatment systems. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited experience has proved that when considering Drinking water treatment, it is important to realize that there is no one piece of treatment system that manages all contaminants. All treatment methods have limitations. The treatment system that is best for any particular commercial or domestic system depends on the contaminant(s) present, concentration(s), the size of the Consumer site/household, the age and health of its occupants and maintenance and operational requirements of the system. There also may be situations in which a combination of treatment methods is most effective.

On the other hand Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited can classify Drinking Water treatment systems as Point-of-Source (POS), Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU). Our Point-of-Source (POS) devices treat the drinking water at the source e.g. Municipal River or Dam. Express Drainage Solutions Kenya Limited Point-of-Entry (POE) devices treat the water just before it enters into the consumers site (Household, Industry) and finally our POU devices treat water at the point it is used, such as the faucet (Tap).  Cleaning, Inspection and maintenance of water storage tanks also forms part of the drinking water treatment process.

Our Water Purification systems: